Legal Services

Legal Services

Corporate Onshore and 
Offshore Structures

In light of increasing global business competition and regulation you might want to expand or re-structure your business.

ArgentuM International is known for being among the finest experts in the advice and setup for corporate entities around the world.

Our tax lawyers establish tax-efficient structures to suit your particular requirements in an increasingly competitive global market.

Paymastering and 
Escrow Agency

ArgentuM International has acquired an excellent reputation as being leading experts in the paymastering field, with access to paymaster accounts throughout the world, including the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and others.

We are able to process escrow transactions and hold and process funds on behalf of third parties, as well as acting as middlemen in buy/sell situations and similar.

Other legal services

ArgentuM International has established itself as a leading provider of top-quality international legal services in all domains and in most jurisdictions (including throughout Europe, Hong Kong and Brazil).

Our Legal Team has a particular expertise in:

- Joint Ventures
- Mergers & Acquisitions,
- shareholders’ and director’s agreements
- investment and fund management agreements
- all intellectual property matters, including:
   - copyrights,
   - trademarks
   - patents. 

We also specialise in international business trading and commodities-related legal work: 

Need an LOI prepared? 
Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) template?
Discuss/prepare non-circumvention issues (NCND) and agreements?
Attestation letter, legal opinion or notarisation work done?

We can work with you on all of the above and more.